CAMEO Chemical

CAMEO Chemicals is an EPA / NOAA software system with extensive chemical information.  The MyChemicals collection allows the user to see what hazards might occur if the chemicals in the collection were mixed together.

Datasheets provide physical properties, health hazards, information about air and water hazards, and recommendations for firefighting, first aid, and spill response. UN/NA datasheets provide response information from the Emergency Response Guidebook.

Wake Forest senior Catherine Denkler '09 works with chemistry professor Christa Colyer on a summer research project in Colyer's laboratory on Wednesday, August 6, 2008.  Catherine is exploring how small DNA sequences known as aptamers can be used to identify and select specific target molecules, such as the protein thrombin, which plays a crucial role in coagulation and platelet activation.  Her investigations involve a technique known as capillary electrophoresis, and by affixing a fluorescent probe on the DNA aptamer, she is able to use lasers to detect the complex formed between the aptamer and the target.