Facilities and Campus Services OSHA Training

Annual OSHA Training for maintenance, utilities, construction and landscaping employees.

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Custodial Training

Initial and annual training for custodial workers within Facilities and Campus Services.

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Administration, Faculty and Staff General Safety Training

Annual safety training required for all Faculty and non-Facilities & Campus Services staff. Be sure to complete and submit the quiz after watching the training video.

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Biohazard Shipper Training – Department of Transportation

Individuals responsible for packaging, labeling, or shipping biohazardous materials are required to be trained once every three years. This includes biohazardous waste and biohazardous samples.

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*Competency must be shown by completing the quiz after watching the video.

Bloodborne Pathogen and Exposure Control Plan

Individuals enrolled in the Wake Forest University Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan are required to complete this training prior to commencing duties where there is a potential for exposure.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

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*If you need additional assistance or have questions after completing the training, please contact EHS at 336.758.EHAS (3427) or at

Hazard Communication Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established standards for identification of chemical hazards in the work place. All employees whose work involves the use, storage, and/or receipt of chemical products are required to complete training & certification.

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Employees in the following Departments are required to complete this training:

  • Facilities and Campus Services
  • Athletics
  • Art – Studio Art and Photography
  • Theater and Dance – Scene Shop
  • Any employee not listed in the Departments above whose work involves the use of chemicals.

* Laboratory employees should view the updated Lab Safety Video located on the Environmental Health and Safety Lab Safety website if you have questions.

Hazardous Waste Management

University faculty, staff & students who generate or handle hazardous waste or work with any type petroleum products (oil) are required to complete Hazardous Waste & SPCC training within two weeks of hire date. Current staff are required to complete the training as a refresher on an annual basis. Be sure to submit the certification for course completion!

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Hearing Conservation Training

Annual training for all employees enrolled in the University Hearing Conservation Program. Training includes the effects of noise on hearing, the purpose of hearing protectors, the advantages, disadvantages, various types, and instructions on selection, fitting, use, and care,

The following powerpoint presentation should be viewed by those instructed to do so by the EHS Department.

Hearing Conservation Training

Upon completion of the powerpoint presentation, take the following quiz.  Be sure to submit upon finishing.

Hearing Conservation Quiz

Contact the EHS Department for information regarding the University Hearing Conservation program.

Lab Safety Compliance

All lab personnel, including Principal Investigators, are required to view the Lab Safety Training Video prior to working in the lab and at least annually thereafter. Once viewed, be sure to complete the certification of completion.

Contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety at for more information.

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Mold Training

Mold training provided by the EPA, for all Maintenance, Custodial, & Residence Life & Housing staff. Be sure to complete and submit the quiz after you have watched the training video. Be sure to submit the certification for course completion!

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 Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan

Training for individuals handling or maintaining oil bearing equipment on campus.

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