Laboratory and Scientific Research Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Courses

Hazard awareness and risk management are essential to working safely in the lab.  To help ensure readiness for work in the laboratory, researchers and lab occupants are assigned a series of laboratory safety courses that must be completed prior to beginning work in the lab, and at least annually thereafter.  The University uses the Vivid Online Training System administered though the Health and Safety Institute to provide these courses.

Complete the Training Request to enroll.

Bloodborne Pathogen and Exposure Control Plan

Individuals enrolled in the Wake Forest University Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan are required to complete training prior to commencing duties where there is a potential for exposure.  This training is provided through the WFU Online Safety Training system. Complete the Training Request to enroll.

Biohazard Shipper Training – Department of Transportation

Individuals responsible for packaging, labeling, or shipping biohazardous materials are required to be trained once every three years. This includes biohazardous waste and biohazardous samples.

*Competency must be shown by completing the quiz after watching the video.

Pyrophoric Chemical Safety

Required training for persons using pyrophoric chemicals in laboratories.  In addition, the two attached bulletins must be read prior to using pyrophorics, and the PI or designee must confirm competency.

Respiratory Protection Training

Based on potentials for respiratory hazards, this comprehensive standard was developed to protect Wake Forest University employees who may be required to wear respirators during the course of their work.

This training video available on the WFU Online Safety Training system must be reviewed prior to using a respirator. All respirator users must first enroll in the WFU Respiratory Protection Program and receive medical clearance. This includes individuals requesting to use N-95 mask.

Medical Clearance

Required medical clearance to wear a respirator is handled through the EHS Department.  Call Bridget Marrs at x3427 for information.  Remember, you may not wear a respirator until medically cleared.

If you decide to wear a respirator that is not required for your work environment, you must first complete the Voluntary Use Form and return to the EHS Department.

The following documents describe proper technique to don the respirator you have been assigned.