Laboratory Safety


Wake Forest University strives to provide a safe working environment while working in the laboratory.  Anyone working in a laboratory must first complete the general Lab Safety Training and any lab specific training that may be necessary when working with radioisotopes, animals, lasers, etc.  It is also required that lab workers review applicable content of the Wake Forest University Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Wake Forest University Chemical Hygiene Plan

This Chemical Hygiene Plan reviews policies, procedures and responsibilities that protect faculty, staff and students from the health hazards associated with the hazardous chemicals within their particular lab.  All lab workers must review those portions of the plan pertinant to their work and to any areas in the lab that may present hazards.

Wake Forest University Chemical Hygiene Plan

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory

Laboratory Safety Topics

Biosafety, Biohazards and Bloodborne Pathogens

Chemical Safety

Controlled Substances

Hazardous Wastes

Laboratory Emergency Contacts

Laser Safety

OSHA Lab Standard and Lab Safety Topics

Radiation Safety

Safety Data Sheets

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