Layout of the Safety Data Sheet

There are sixteen categories in each SDS.  They are always in the same order.

  1.       Identification of the material and the supplier information
  2.       Hazard Identification – is it flammable, corrosive, toxic, etc.
  3.       Ingredients
  4.       First Aid – what to do if you are exposed to the chemical
  5.       Firefighting measures – how to put out a fire involving the chemical
  6.       Accidental release measures – what to do if it spills
  7.       Handling and storage – where to keep the chemical
  8.       Personal Protection – what PPE you should wear
  9.       Physical and chemical properties
  10.     Stability and reactivity – what not to mix with the chemical and conditions to avoid
  11.     Toxicological information – data on the toxicity of the chemical
  12.     Ecological information – how dangerous the chemical is to the environment if it’s released
  13.     Disposal considerations – call EHS to find out
  14.     Transport information – shipping name and requirements (call EHS)
  15.     Regulatory information – agencies that regulate the chemical
  16.     Other information