AED Locations (Reynolda Campus)

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Reynolda Campus AEDs

Alumni1Between front entrance and University Police office
Benson3Across from Information Desk
Byrum Admissions1Beside fire panel - main lobby
Davis (Subway)1Directly in front of entrance (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Dianne Dailey GolfMainBeside front entrance
Farrell1South side - under stairs
Farrell2South side - beside stairs - across from trashcans
FCS (Landscaping)1Righth wall beside water fountain
FCS (Shops)BreakroomBack wall - beside exit
Greene1Lobby beside Manchester Plaza entrance
Manchester FootballMainAdministrative hallway
Miller Center4Hallway beside Locker Rooms
Miller Center1Inside Fitness Room (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
North Campus Dining2Between water fountain and restrooms
Olin2Beside elevator
Poteat (Zicks)1Above trashcans beside entrance
Reynolda HallGroundBetween Fresh Foods entrance and Aramark window
Reynolda Hall2Across from elevator beside Administration offices
Salem2Across from stockroom (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Scales (Brendle)Main LobbyAbove trashcans - beside auditorium entrance
Scales (Hanes)Main LobbyBeside entrance - on left - above magazine rack
Student EMT - MobileFord ExplorerCargo area
Student EMT - Mobile Chevy TahoeCargo area
Student Health 1Middle hallway - beside kitchen
Sutton Center2Beside Elevator
Sutton Center 4 Beside Elevator
Sutton CenterBasementBeside Outside Pursuits
Sutton CenterBasementAthletics Weight Room
University Police - Mobile Patrol Car #4Black case in trunk
University Police - MobilePatrol Car #5Black case in trunk
University Police - MobilePatrol Car #6Black case in trunk
University Police - MobilePatrol Car #7Black case in trunk
UOCMainLoading Dock Entrance - Right Side
Wait ChapelNarthexright of inside doors
WingateMainMiddle of rotunda hallway
Winston 1Main lobby - beside fire extinguisher
Worrell (HES) 1Beside lab 0160
Worrell (HES) 1Beside lab 0186
Worrell (Law)1Hallway of Elder Law Clinic
Worrell (Law)2Hallway across from coffee shop
Worrell (Law)3East end of middle hallway - near elevator - beside trashcans
ZSR Library3Across from circulation desk
ZSR Library4 Wilson wing - beside circulation