AED Locations (Reynolda Campus)

AED Locations Reynolda Campus

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Building Floor Location
Alumni 1 Between front entrance and University Police office
Benson 3 Across from Information Desk
Byrum Admissions 1 Beside fire panel – main lobby
Davis (Subway) 1 Directly in front of entrance
Dianne Dailey Golf Main Beside front entrance
Farrell 1 South side – under stairs
Farrell 2 South side – beside stairs – across from trashcans
FCS (Landscaping) 1 Right wall beside front office.
FCS (Shops) Breakroom Back wall – beside exit
Greene 1 Lobby beside Manchester Plaza entrance
Health and Exercise Science 1 Beside Lab 0160
Health and Exercise Science 1 Beside Lab 0186
Manchester Football Main Administrative hallway
Miller Center 4 Beside water fountain
North Campus Dining 2 Between water fountain and restrooms
Olin 2 Beside elevator
Poteat (Zicks) 1 Above trashcans beside entrance
Reynolds Gym Basement Athletics Weight Room
Reynolds Gym Basement Near Outdoor Pursuits and Elevator
Reynolds Gym Main Front Entrance – right wall behind desk
Reynolds Gym Main Wall beside Locker Rooms
Reynolds Gym 2 Inside Group Fitness – beside staff offices
Reynolds Gym 3 Main hallway beside Group Fitness
Reynolds Gym 4 Main hallway beside gym
Reynolda Hall Ground Between Fresh Foods entrance and Aramark window
Reynolda Hall 2 Across from elevator beside Administration offices
Scales (Brendle) Main Lobby Above trashcans – beside auditorium entrance
Scales (Hanes) Main Lobby Beside entrance – on left – above magazine rack
Student EMT – Mobile Ford Explorer Cargo area
Student EMT – Mobile Chevy Tahoe Cargo area
Student Health 1 Middle hallway – beside kitchen
Sutton Gym 2 Beside Elevator
Sutton Gym 4 Beside Elevator
University Police – Mobile Patrol Car #3 Black case in trunk
University Police – Mobile Patrol Car #4 Black case in trunk
University Police – Mobile Patrol Car #5 Black case in trunk
University Police – Mobile Patrol Car #6 Black case in trunk
UOC Main Loading Dock Entrance – Right Side
Wait Chapel Narthex right of inside doors
Wingate Main Middle of rotunda hallway
Winston 1 Main lobby – beside fire extinguisher
Worrell (HES) 1 Beside lab 0160
Worrell (HES) 1 Beside lab 0186
Worrell (Law) 1 Hallway of Elder Law Clinic
Worrell (Law) 2 Hallway across from coffee shop
Worrell (Law) 3 East end of middle hallway – near elevator – beside trashcans
ZSR Library 3 Across from circulation desk
ZSR Library 4 Wilson wing – beside circulation


Need to report an unsafe condition or incident?

Phone: 336.758.EHAS (3427)
Office Location: The EHS building is in the Facilities Compound on Wingate Road. It is the last building on the left up from Fleet Services, next door to Landscaping.