Contractor Safety

Wake Forest Environmental Health and Safety employee Justin Sizemore checks air quality in the steam tunnel

Contractors are responsible for conducting their work in a safe and compliant manner that ultimately minimizes environmental and safety risks to the University and the surrounding community.  Best Management Practices are encouraged of contractors while conducting work on University-owned and leased properties.

All contractors must read and abide by the requirements set forth in the Contractor Safety Guide.  A copy of the Contractor Safety Agreement Form must be signed and returned to Wake Forest University Project Manager prior to work.  Contractor employees are required to watch the Contractor Safety Video prior to working at the University.

Any incident or accident occurring during contracted work involving contractor or sub-contractors must be documented on the Contractor Incident Form and returned to the Project Manager as soon as possible.


Need to report an unsafe condition or incident?

Phone: 336.758.EHAS (3427)
Office Location: The EHS building is in the Facilities Compound on Wingate Road. It is the last building on the left up from Fleet Services, next door to Landscaping.