Chemical Waste

Call EHS at x3427 or email at to have old or unused chemicals pick up for recycling or disposal.

DO NOT pour chemical waste down sinks or in storm drains, or toss into the general trash.

Paints and Aerosols

EHS collects old and unused paint, brushes and rags for proper disposal. This includes all latex, acrylic and oil based paints.

Additionally, EHS will collect empty or unused aerosol cans. These should not be disposed in general trash. Even when “empty” the can will still contain residual propellant.

Art Studios

Each art studio where waste is generated has collection containers for waste. Do not put incompatible material in the same container, and always make sure the container is closed if not in use.

Art studio paint waste and aerosols are collected for disposal on a regular basis. If you need additional removal, call EHS at x3427.