Radiation Safety

Specific information on the use of radiological material may be found in the Wake Forest University Radiation Safety Manual. This manual is issued to all faculty members that have approval to use radioisotopes and work with radiological material. A copy of the Radiation Safety Manual must be kept in the laboratory where this work is performed at all times. For more information, contact the Radiation Safety Office within the WFUBMC EHS Department at 336.716.9375.

Principal Investigators must complete and submit an Application for Use of Radioactive Materials prior to obtaining and using radiological material.


Need to report an unsafe condition or incident?

Phone: 336.758.EHAS (3427)
Email: wfuehs@wfu.edu
Office Location: The EHS building is in the Facilities Compound on Wingate Road. It is the last building on the left up from Fleet Services, next door to Landscaping.